Warm & Cool

You can easily switch ON and switch OFF lights and set the right tone of light from warm yellow to cool white, to perfectly complement your décor & furnishing and suit your preference. Control your lights from the Svarochi App on your smartphone.


Enhance your ambience of living rooms, corridors, showrooms, cafetaria, restaurant, hotel lobbies, reception, breakout areas, etc with Smart Spot Lights. These have defined beams and create accents to bring out the best in your decor.
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Enhance uniformity of general lighting of living rooms, bedrooms, children room, corridors etc. with Smart downlights .
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Replace your conventional bulbs in tanle lamps, floor standing lamps, wall brackets of your choice, to get the right intensity of light.
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Product categories for your store can be managed here. To change the order of categories on the front-end you can drag and drop to sort them. To see more categories listed click the "screen options" link at the top-right of this page.
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