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Light bulbs are certainly one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but if we look back we have come a long way from the light bulb. From yellow light to tube-light to CFL to LED lights and now the latest entry Smart Lights. One startup that is working and improving its product base with every passing day is Svarochi. As part of their latest addition, they have recently launched iBahn which is definitely the future of LED lighting.

Gone are the days when lights were considered as a fixed functional accessory. At Svarochi, the innovative team believes that lighting is an essential way to uplift your mood and change the entire ambiance of the living spaces. They offer stunning lighting solutions with a wide range of products bringing comfort and style into their consumer’s homes. Their aim is to offer innovative products that are high on functionality, easy to use, and at affordable prices.

Founded by Rajeev Chopra, Arjun Shahani, and Kunal Chaudhuri, Svarochi Smart Lights brings to consumers the flexibility of operating lights using their mobile phones and can now adjust lights as per the occasion and mood while choosing from more than 16 million lights. The products work on the Bluetooth Low Energy platform (BLE) that enables connecting lights without the need for a router/console. They are focused on delivering a complete set of smart light solutions which currently no other player is focused on delivering.

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