Living Room

The Living Room is a reflection of your identity and artistic preference. Balance the general ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting to create the best impact. Colors add an additional layer of warmth and beauty to each and every element of your home. Balance these lighting elements to highlight your decor and make your space beautiful.


This is the functional layer, which can be lit using lights from the ceiling. For rooms with POP ceiling, use recessed downligts or spots with wide beam. Use tunable white lights (warm yellow to cool daylight) to match the furnishings and mood.

Warm & Cool Lights


Accent Lighting is the key layer in the Living Room. Use tunable/dimmable spots with medium/ narrow beams to highlight paintings/artefacts on the wall. Wall grazing is another technique to accentuate a textured wall.

Warm & Cool Lights


The bar area requires proper lighting for visibility but needs to be lit in a subtle way to provide a sophisticated and mellow look. This area can also be turned into a fun and a dynamic zone by using a variety of playful colours.

Color & Daylights Light


A table lamp near a sofa, or a floor standing light near a couch are common techniques used for Task Lighting. Table lamps not only provide the right light for trivial tasks but also make the space look cozy and inviting.

Warm & Cool Lights