Children's Room

A child’s room is a special area in any home. The strain that their sensitive eyes are subjected to, is phenomenal, given the varied means of entertainment they are exposed to. Children’s rooms need soothing lights that reduce eye strain. Use different fun lights during play time and at bedtime you can switch to more comforting lights that make them feel safe and secure at night.


On the study table place a desk lamp with Warm and Cool light bulbs. The recommended height of the lamp is about 0.30 – 0.35 metres.

Warm & Cool Lights


Use Color and Daylight downlights if you have a false ceiling or use fun pendant fittings with Color and Daylight lamps. Set these lights to Neutral White during study hours and change to fun colors during playtime.

Color & Daylights Light


Set the light color to a low intensity, soothing pink at night to help your child sleep well and feel safe and secure.

Color & Daylights Light