A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep in. Each zone in a bedroom, whether it is the makeup/dressing area, study/work zone, TV zone, couch area or the wardrobe and closet, has a different visual need. With our Smart Lighting solutions, you can create different light groups and settings to help you read, relax, watch TV, do your make up and, of course, get a peaceful sleep.


For the make-up area, Warm and Cool lights are the best solution. Do your make-up under bright white light and check it under warm light. Ensure that the lights are coming from the front of the mirror.

Warm & Cool Lights

Bedside Reading

For reading in bed, having a lamp on the bedside table fitted with Warm and Cool Lights is a great option. The table lamp should be a few inches higher than the bedside table. Switch to bright cool light during reading and dim warm lights while relaxing or watching TV.

Warm & Cool Light


For reading and relaxing on the couch, a floor lamp behind the couch is the ideal choice. Use Color and Daylight Lights. Switch between reading under neutral white light and watching TV in dim warm light. Play with colours to relax after a long work day.

Warm & Cool Lights

General Area

For general lighting, use Warm and Cool ceiling recessed downlights if you have a false ceiling. You can also use wall brackets and ceiling lights. Avoid putting downlights over the bed to prevent glare. If the bedroom is small, avoid pendant lights to reduce visual clutter.

Warm & Cool Lights


Have a family picture on the wall? Or a collection of pictures depicting loving memories? Bring out their beauty by highlighting them with Warm and Cool lights accompanied by spot lights to provide a soft glow.

Warm & Cool Lights