Upgrade your LED Lights to Smart LED Lights for the Ultimate Home Makeover

We are all often on the hunt for ideas to renew our homes for a fresh look and appeal. While it is not viable to change curtains, wall colors and furniture each time you are bored, simple tweaks can help achieve a fresh look.

Adding showpieces, playing with linen and changing the lights are simple ways that help you ward off the monotony without making any major changes.

Not all lights are the same:

One may argue that light is light and visibility is the prime factor in choosing the right light but that isn’t the case. Not all lights are alike, the light from your luxurious chandelier isn’t the same as your boring light at work or the cozy light from your bedside lamp. This can be attributed to varying color temperatures from individual light sources. The different temperatures exude a different aura and that goes on in reflecting the mood of your space.

Svarochi helps you choose your own color temperature:

Svarochi smart LED systems not only offer you the ease of automation but make it possible to change light colors and make use of different color temperatures for different moods. This creates a significant impact on your home aura. Studies have proven the effect of lighting on moods and daily energy to run the chores. As quoted by various doctors and psychologists, lights impact your overall immunity and health.

If you have ever gone bulb shopping, you are probably aware of terms such as “cool white” and “warm white”. Their colors have a temperature. While the warm tone is suited for home the cool one is more apt for spaces where you intend to read or work as the bluish cast enables better visibility.

With smart LED lights the number of options is endless and you don’t have to stick to these two choices.

Your home makeover is easy, so is the makeover of your enthusiasm:

Your home makeover will not take more than 15 minutes.  You can use smart LED lighting to accentuate your wall colors or choose to throw spotlight over certain elements. You can also alter the space completely with different color lights. It alters not just how your house looks but also the way you live and work.

For instance, opt for daylight hues to emulate natural light that will ward off the lethargy and let you get going fast. This offers much more productivity than cozy warm light lamps. Similarly, daylight lamps are used in reading lamps and bathroom and dresser lights. This helps better visibility during reading and makeup.

However, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to replace your warm white bulbs with the daylight ones. Automated smart lighting for homes makes switching a breeze for you. This way you do not have to compromise on the romantic feels to make the lights more practical. In fact, you can choose a different color for different occasions.

Color tuning helps define your home through lighting design. It is way better than sticking to one hue for the entire house.  The kids’ room can now be pink when they the princess theme, blue for marvel or green for a forest them. Let their imagination run free and paint their thoughts to reality. Fun? Isn’t it?

And have you ever wondered how would it be to walk into a customized space each day? Your friends will be envious as they step into luxury and aura that speaks of panache.

Luxury lighting indeed at just the touch of an app on your smartphone.

Say bye to the mason and the painter and the interior decorator, be the artist of your own space and save up time to relax in luxury.

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