Top Advantages of Using Smart LED Lights:

The world of lighting has been swept away by LED lighting solutions that are not just fun and aesthetically appealing but also advantageous in various ways. Here is why it is absolutely an amazing idea to give the Smart LED lighting technology a chance over the other technologies that have been around:

Sustainable and good for the environment:

  • Energy savings: The amount of energy used by traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent, fluorescent and halogens is almost double than that in case of LED lights. Switching to smart lighting solutions not only saves money but is pretty beneficial for the environment. Spaces that use lights for extended periods can benefit especially by using motion sensing capabilities. These savings can also be attributed to the hemispherical emission of light rather than spherical as in case of traditional sources. It has been estimated that over the next 10-15 years the energy savings by LED light solutions will touch 190 terawatt hours annually.
  • Durability: Another win-win for the environment and the pocket alike is the extended life of these bulbs that supersedes the traditional solutions by nearly 30-50 times( While traditional bulbs can work for nearly 1000 hours, good quality LEDs span upto 30000-50000 hours). LEDs in general do not burn but just dim out with time. These are largely breakage resistant and also immune to vibrations and thus reduce wastage and resources used in replacing frequently.
  • Intelligence: Smart LED lighting solutions are much more than just vision enablers. They have a low impact on the environment and help achieve more comfort and high productivity. They can be paired with sensors and controls to build better and sustainable systems.

Convenient for home use:

  • Dimming capability without installing additional controls: You need not install a dimmer to dim these bulbs, nor do you have to stay with the bright light of fixed intensity. Achieve a more pleasant intensity of light with just an app. You can even set rules to reduce the intensity based on time of day or other conditions.
  • Anytime anywhere control: You need not be worried about leaving the lights on when you are not around, for you can switch them off or on from anywhere. This is also a deterrent for thieves and hence a better security option.
  • Color and mood change at a click: There may be several reasons why you want to change the color of your lights. It may be just to beat the monotony or for better visibility or to change the wall colors. You can also have the color match the theme of your party or festival. Pretty versatile. Isn’t it?
  • Better sleep: One can embrace better sleep by dimming the lights automatically, progressively towards the end of the day. This helps to soothe the sleep mechanism and ensures better sleep.
  • Music integration with some bulbs: Some bulbs come with built-in speakers and help you enjoy your favorite music anywhere in the house.

Better outdoor lighting:

With or without sensors, smart LED lighting solutions are a perfect solution for outdoor lighting needs that help create a welcoming or fun aura around the house. Sensors help to dim the lights or change colors based on motion or time of day.

Overall, smart lighting solutions are the technology of the future with a minimal footprint on the environment and superior automation capabilities to suit modern needs and budgets.

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