Svarochi Smart Lights – The future of Home Lighting

When the best minds come together to launch something revolutionary, it indeed is the best and pathbreaking. A team that was a pioneer in the LED lighting space in India has joined hands and announced the wave of smart LED lighting in India.

Smart lighting systems are a need in the modern world where the requirement for vanity in spaces is complemented by functionality and also the need for energy savings. We at iBahn illuminations have aimed to address it all and a lot more with our brand Svarochi that offers smart LED lighting solutions based on Bluetooth mesh technology.

While similar products have been in the market, we aim to disrupt the market with Svarochi and its unique and cost-effective offerings that are functional and locally relevant.

Svarochi envisions that the standard LEDs will be quickly replaced by smart LED systems over the coming 10 years.

The vision behind Svarochi stays true to its name, the minds behind these modern lighting systems aim to create the perfect illuminated ambiance to sync your mood with the design of the room. The belief of the core team lies in the potential of the lighting industry for a big transformation and we are definitely among the early swimmers of the tide. The venture is also a part of the make in India initiative and aims at ruling out all imports.

The design philosophy aims to give more than just ornamental lights. One of the features that set it apart is memory retention. This means that if you switch off the lights after setting them to a certain setting, they retain the setting after being switched back on. Indeed something worth installing for inspiring interiors that attract envy.

The wide product portfolio comprises of lamps, downlights and spotlights that resolve all lighting needs for homes as well as restaurants cafes etc. A huge range of color temperature options, diming controls, automation features and other technical aspects come along with the Svarochi lights that will take the appeal of your space several notches higher.

Lamps:  You can now create the perfect mood in your space by just replacing the bulbs in your wall brackets, table lamps, floor lamps etc. with Svarochi lamps that are available in a wide range of sizes, outputs, wattages etc.

Downlights: Your modular ceilings, corridors and general room lights will get an all-new pepped up look with downlights from Svarochi that come in numerous choices of cut out size, wattage and lumen output based on your individual needs.

Spotlights:  You can effortlessly glam up any space by adding in spotlights. With various reflector options and beam angles, spotlights from Svarochi will add that extra oomph to your spaces. Use them for general lighting or accentuate individual elements like paintings or entryways, they are sure to be a center of attention.

Other than amazing aesthetics, Svarochi smart LEDs for interior lighting also help you save on energy spends and improve the security in your home. This can be attributed to the convenience of anytime anywhere operation. Svarochi is the future of lighting, invest in a smart LED system for your space and see the magic.

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