Everything you Need to Know about Smart Lighting Systems to Change your Spaces

Think about controlling the lighting in your room or office just with voice or tap on an app, what vibes does it give you? Most of us would visualize genie land or a mansion of dreams. However, technology has made it quite an accessible dream.

Whether you have heard of smart lighting or no, trust us it is here to fulfill your fantasies and you do not need to be the king to access it.

Here is all you need to know about smart lighting systems:

What is it?

Open an app on your smartphone, control the lighting in your space. Tadaa! As simple as that. Smart lighting not only transforms the way your space looks but also the way you control it.

It is all app based and of course mood based. You need not stay in the monotony of same interiors when you have the power of changing the way it looks. Redecoration is made simple and affordable with this evolution in lighting solutions. You definitely need a break from the boring white light for a romantic dinner and you do not have to break your vision when you need to read with a somber yellow hue. The app makes it possible for you to change the brightness and color of the light based on mood and occasion and if you use colored LEDs.

You can change the aura of the room completely as easily as sending a message. It is your own personal assistant that works in a jiffy to make spaces pleasant for you.

Another amazing feature that these systems offer is the ability to create rules such as lighting combinations to remind of a message or other ‘If this then that’ kind of combinations that change lights based on preset conditions. Now isn’t that amazing?

It doesn’t need a complex setup:

Also known as WiFi lighting, smart lighting systems do not need a complex setup or wiring to operate. All you need is a hub, router, your phone or tablet and smart bulbs to take the reigns of the vibe of the space you live in.

Some WiFi lighting systems have also made it possible to control the lighting when you are away from home so you manage to switch them off even if you are away from home. You no longer need to beat yourself to be absent minded enough to leave the lights on.

Benefits to the common user:

As amazing as lighting automation may feel at the outset, it offers the below advantages:

  • Improved sleep patterns: It has been scientifically proven that dim and pleasant lights are conducive to sleep. However, simply switching off the light may not work the same way as the level of stress would already build by the time you hit the bed. Smart lighting can be leveraged to dim down slowly as you near your sleeping time. The gradual dimming prepares the body to sleep better.
  • Improved moods: We all know how stressful certain months may get just for the gloom they exude. You can change the color of lighting to enhance mood. This works best in the darker winter months.
  • Better household security: This can be a boon when traveling. You can change the lights to make the house appear as inhabited even when you are away to keep the rogues at bay.
  • Energy savings: You can use smart LED lighting to adjust the intensity of bulb light based on the amount of daylight in the room. Motion sensors can also help lighting and switching off based on presence in the space. This contributes a lot to energy savings.
  • Easy decoration and lots of fun: Cut the hassle of redecoration to break the monotony by just playing with the lighting.

The smart lighting systems are compatible not only with your phone or tablet but also with assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa. It is exhilarating to be the master and call out, “Alexa, change the light to blue” and actually see that happen.

That is a whole lot of possibilities on your hand. Not a bad investment we say.

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